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Besides free technical information, we have advanced Co-Processor chips and a Co-Processor board kit you can buy.


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How about a bare PCB or a full 2p40 based controller board?

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Walk and chew gum at the same time? It's Multi-tasking
   - but we also enable Multi-tasking on the BASIC Stamp® too!

Multi-tasking is the appearance, or actuality, of doing more than one thing at a time. While very helpful, it ranges from a challenge to nearly impossible to accomplish in many popular processors used for hobby robotics.

All Co-Processors usually are multi-tasking by the fact of being a separate processor. Our's is different because we also include timers with our many other features. Those timers let you multi-task on the main processor, even a BASIC Stamp, as well!

Besides the eight timers, our Co-Processor chip features-
  • Eight ramping servo controllers
  • Five channels of 10 bit A/D
  • IR Proximity Detector built in.
  • Two Bumper inputs
  • And even a Subsumption Engine for wheeled robots!

Click for the Features of our Co-Processor Chip or see the Buy page to buy the Co-Processor chip separately.

Learn More about our Co-Processor kit - The EASY way to add our Co-Processor to your robot.

Some ideas for using a full featured Co-Processor!

Check out what you can do with our Co-Processor using the AppMod connector on a BoE® based Home Center Walker or a BoE-Bot®.

But this Co-Processor isn't just limited to robotics. The unique Timers allow it to increase the performance of many Stamp applications.

The EASY way to add our Co-Processor to your BoE-Bot or Toddler!

Check out what you can do with our new Co-Processor add-on board and a BoE-Bot® or a Parallax Toddler.

Already have a BASIC Stamp® based project? Do you want to improve the processing and expandability? Add this Co-Processor and get a SERIOUS increase in capability!

The Robot Controller Circuit Board (PCB)

Robot PCB Top View

A high performance BASIC Stamp® 2p40 processor chip and our premium Co-Processor were both included on this PC Board.

Schematics and programming information are on the site for your study.

Bumper hardware, IR components for IRPD "vision", Dual Regulated Power Supplies for safety and performance, and LOTS of connectors to use all that power! Here is a runabout robot named Libby and an animatronic head named Herbert made with our controller board.

Our Co-Processor isn't just limited to robotics. Animatronics, embedded control, and data collection are also natural applications. One of our customers plans to use a robot controller board to control the heating system in his home!

Click for more Controller PCB Technical info.

New to Hobby Robotics?

Want to learn more about hobby robots? Click
here or on the tab above for a basic discussion of Hobby Robots and a free source for further reading. There is lots of good information for beginners and experienced roboteers alike!

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